Nine Things to Think About When Building a New Concrete Swimming Pool

By Ron Burr

If you are considering a new concrete swimming pool here are some things to consider as you begin the process of building your new backyard paradise.

Step Number One – Look at the area where your new swimming pool is going to be built. The survey of your property is very useful to determine the allowable area on your property to install your new pool. Also keep in mind that local municipalities have rules and codes that may also restrict the location of your new pool.

Step Number Two – Sketch out on paper some pools shapes in the area where you plan to install your pool. Think about the shape which would fit your property and which shape would be best for your lifestyle. Is this pool going to be used for swimming laps or mainly a fun splash pool? Rectangular pools are best for swimming laps; free form pools are great for fun and games. Spray paint on the ground is also a great way to sketch out on the ground to see the approximate shape and size of your new pool. Use different color paint to show the pool and the deck location.

Step Number Three – Begin to select contractors to have visit your home and discuss your new backyard paradise. Here are some things to think about before calling any contractor.
– Check contractors licensing and insurance
– Check contractor referrals (Past and current projects)
– Ask if a particular contractor offers 3D pictures of your pool in its completed stage.

Step Number Four – Having selected the contractors which you are going to invite to submit a proposal, contact them to set appointments to visit your home and review your property.

Step Number Five – Interview the selected contractors, share with them your ideas, sketches and designs for your backyard oasis. Ask these questions of each contractor:
– Inquire the length of time they have been in business.
– Ask for license certificated and license numbers.
– Ask for references – completed and uncompleted projects.
– Ask about other people in the company, owners, and partners.
– Ask for their recommendations for your backyard.
– Ask if they offer 3D drawings of your pool, deck, landscaping as it might look completed.
– Ask what type / brand equipment their company installs.
– Ask about warranties, structural and equipment.
– Ask what they offer that their competition does not.
– Ask for a complete itemized proposal showing standard and included items and optional items.

Step Number Six – Review all the proposals which have been received. Make sure to have all the proposals submitted in a way that it will be easy to compare each one. Review drawings and pictures submitted.

Step Number Seven – Narrow down the proposals and offers to the best two or three contractors. Call references of these companies and check with their customers about their experiences with these companies.

Step Number Eight – Make your contractor selection. Remember the lowest price may not be the best value. Shop carefully, research contractors, review drawings and pictures and your selection will become clear.

Step Number Nine – Award the contract and move forward with your new backyard oasis.

Enjoy your new swimming pool, you did your research and now you have a fabulous new backyard oasis and paradise!

Ron Burr is the owner of One Stop Pool Supplies and also a State of Florida licensed swimming pool contractor actively building swimming pools and spas in South Florida. Ron has been involved in the swimming pool industry for over 30 years. Visit our web site to learn more about all the items which have been mentioned to make your new or existing pool more exciting.

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