Automatic Pool and Spa Controllers

By Ron Burr

Once you have decided to construct a new swimming pool and spa, ask yourself these questions before you complete the design of your new backyard oasis.

-How are you going to control the functions of your new system?
-How do you plan to operate the on and off features of your new spa, jet pump, blower and light?
-Do you want to be able to automatically set the temperature levels for your pool and spa?
-Do you want to manually control these functions or automate?

Now is the time to decide. Keep in mind that if you do not use a type of automatic system, valves will need to be manually changed and heater thermostats adjusted to a spa setting when you want to change from pool to spa mode. Automatic controllers can be an expensive option, but it is an option that should be considered.

The automatic systems on the market today include Hayward Goldline, Jandy and Pentair systems. These three manufacturers are the most popular companies for this type of equipment. They all produce systems that have been proven over the years to provide reliable service and warranty service. All three of these manufactures have good helpful systems, allowing for complete automation of your pool and spa. Many of these systems also allow for the addition of a salt generator system directly incorporated into their products. Keep in mind that if a salt generator system is to be apart of your pool, make sure the system is compatible with your automatic controller. Many controllers now communicate with the salt systems to allow for better and more efficient operation.

Once you have decided that automation is the option you are going to choose, you will need to decide how automatic you want the system to be. Wireless spa side controls which are waterproof are available, in house wall control panels with digital readouts, options which allow for computer interfacing and systems which will allow for telephone communication. The amount of automation is up to you; make sure you discuss all the automatic control options with your pool construction company, helping you decide the best options for your situation.

Once your swimming pool and spa are completed and you decide to relax in your spa, theautomatic control of your system will be one option you will be glad you’re decided on and included in your new backyard oasis. Remember to invite all your neighbors and friends to see your new system and how automation.

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